Laser Contouring System (LCS)

High Temperature Laser Refractory Thickness Measurement

Process Metrix has developed a suite of sensors capable of measuring the remaining lining thickness in vessels used to produce and refine molten metal. Whether you are making steel, copper or aluminum, we have a mobile or fixed position system that can provide the critical lining thickness information you need to maximize vessel up-time and minimize operational cost.

Laser Contouring System

Process Metrix' Laser Contouring Systems (LCS)represent the state-of-the art in refractory thickness measurement technology. Using our patented locating system, and the industry-leading Anteris Laser Scanner also from Process Metrix, the LCS mobile cart rapidly measures lining thickness in the BOF, EAF, Q-BOP, or ladle environment. The LCS combines high-speed, laser-based distance measuring equipment with a robust mechanical platform and easy-to-use software. With a laser scan rate of over 8,000 points per second, a single vessel scan can include over 500,000 individual contour measurements, providing incredibly detailed contour resolution and accurate bath height determination.

Process Metrix' LCS is offered in two primary configurations:

Mobile Cart - Can be multiplexed between multiple converters, ladles, AOD's, Q-BOP's

* Images not shown to scale

Fixed Head - Dedicated measurements station for all types of vessels used to process molten metal.

All systems provide the following measurement information in simple, easy to read format (see examples in the pictures at right):

  • Refractory thickness in 2-D or contour format
  • Bath Level measurement for both converters and ladles
  • Lance height calculation
  • Tabular output with auto-transfer to plant Level II sytsem
  • Refractory wear rate and lifetime prediction capability
  • Optimal tapping angle
  • Optional surface temperature measurement using single color pyrometery

Testimonials - Here is what our customers have to say about our laser systems:

...They [Process Metrix] installed their system in our shop in August, 2001 and we use the unit daily to measure both of our BOF's. The laser is quick (we frequently measure a BOF in as little as five minutes time) and accurate. The software is easy to use and gives us all of the data output we need to determine how much and where to put gunning material...

John Bardesly, US Steel, Granite City Works

...We particularly like the tracking system, which gives a nearly instantaneous measurement of the machines location in front of the BOF. This is a big improvement over other systems that we have used in the past that took a long time to locate the position of the machine, or required a lot of manual setup....

Marcos Auad, Acominas, Brazil

For more information regarding the Laser Contouring System contact:

Michel Bonin, Ph.D.
voice: (925) 460-0385 x112