Research & Development


Our Research and Development philosophy is based on a sound academic background and training of the principals of PMC. Following their graduate research Donald Holve (Ph.d., UC Berkeley, 1974) and Michel Bonin (Ph.d., BYU, 1992) worked for several years at the Sandia Combustion Research Facility, a world-renowned National Laboratory. This background has been augmented by 25 years of experience in applying laser-based instrumentation in harsh, real-world environments, e.g. steel mills, coal-fired and pulp and paper power boilers, etc. PMC and its predecessor company, Insitec Measurement Systems, have competitively proposed and received more than 30 contract research grants (approximately $8M) from the Departments of Energy, Defense, and more recently from the National Institute of Health, to develop real-time process instrumentation over the past two decades. These invention and development projects have formed the basis for our current product line, providing funding and an intellectual property foundation (4 patents) for PMC.

We continue to innovate and implement ideas based on our real-world application of instrumentation, deriving creative ideas as we interact proactively with our customers. Let us know how we can adapt our instrumentation and ideas to improve your process and reduce your costs.